Hohstadts has been delivering high quality bulk soils, landscaping materials, and garden supplies to the Southern Humboldt community for over 15 years. Our soils are the result of years of listening to our customers and our own work in the garden.  We use the finest organic composts and amendments in the making of all our seven different mixes.  Hohstadts takes pride in offering a variety of soils to meet all the needs of your garden.  Please check out our Soils page to find a mix that works for you.

Each soil blend at Hohstadts starts with the compost.  We have two composts offered at Hohstadts.  The Organic Compost is comprised of mushroom compost, organic steer manure, and sawdust.  It is light and well drained.  The Forest compost, which is certified organic, is made from dairy and poultry manure, rich hull ash, feather meal, and wood humus.  This too is a well draining compost that has been a great addition to our soils.

Using a blend of the Organic Compost and Forest Compost, we then amend the soil according to the seven different recipes we have.  We are proud to offer a variety of mixes for gardeners to choose from.  Five of our mixes are for planting, and two our Amendment Mixes.  These, amendment mixes are designed to reinvigorate older soil and get your garden ready for the season.