Since 1990 Hohstadts has been a pioneer in the bulk soil industry in Humboldt County. Over the past 27 years we have continued to evolve and improve our methods to assure only the highest quality soil blends carry our name. Today we utilize the services of state of the art blending facilities and partner with companies that hold themselves to the same standards that we do. The compost and other inputs that make up our soil blends are carefully tested and analyzed to assure success is in each batch.

We are proud to offer three potting mixes in bulk. P2, our full season growing mix, G2, a specially designed soil for light deprivation crops, and we also make our Landscape Mix which is a lower cost mix designed to work well with your favorite feeding program.

In addition to our potting mixes Hohstadts has developed an amendment mix. This mix is a concentrate of the amendments in our P2 and G2 potting mixes. Used at a 15:1 ratio, this is a great way to boost up older soil and get ready for the growing season.

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