FAQ's: Ask Kevin 2

Describe Hohstadt's delivery service.
Within Northern Mendocino and Humboldt we can deliver from 1 to 12 yards of material. For orders over 50 yards, for sites that can take transfer trucks, we can have 55 yards delivered up to an 8 hour drive from Ukiah. I have access to up to  five transfer trucks per day delivering material anywhere it needs to go. Plus we have two dump trucks, so I have access to 7 trucks in a day to facilitate delivery.

Talk about the various different soil products you offer.
The P2 and the G2 are our two flagship products. The P2 is our premium fully amended mix. The nutrients in that come from a special product we get from Soilscape Solutions - it’s a custom made nutrient pack. Essentially it’s a proven, trialed fertilizer recipe. So I’ve been able to work a partnership with Soilscape, then we add in the compost and the rock, so for full sun, outdoor plants, the P2 is our top of the line most fully amended mix.  

The G2 was born out of the short season or light deprivation crops that have come up over the last several years where instead of a 6 to 7 month growing season, it’s like a 90 day season. Because it’s such a short season, you don’t need such a heavy nutrient load. One of the great things about the nutrient pack is that it’s not just quick release nutrients, so we scale back the nutrient mix in the G2 to about 37 per cent of the concentration of the full season mix, so it’s a good option for people who just don’t  need the full strength nutrient pack.

The Concentrate is something we’ve developed over the last couple of years to give you the most bang for your buck. So if I have an established garden bed and it’s full to the top with soil already, but I need to re-amend it, the last thing I want to have to do is shovel out a third of that, and then bring in a whole bunch of volume to amend it. The great thing about the Concentrate is you only have to use a very small amount of it. One yard of this will amend 15 yards of soil! So you’re talking about only a thin tool-dress along th top of your bed, then till that in, and that’s enough nutrients to re-amend the soil, which is really sweet because it saves you a alot of labor. So it’s great! it’s our most expensive product at $450 per yard, but it works out to only costing you about $30 per yard to amend, and if you compare that with the other soil amendments out there packaged in buckets or bags, it’s really comparable, and less work!

The landscape blend is just your general  low-cost veggie garden type mix. It’s a really good all-purpose mix for general landscaping and stuff like that.

The Hostadt’s compost is the same compost that goes into the P2 and G2, it’s aged for 18 months and it’s exclusively a forestry product meaning that it comes from mill scraps, pin chips, sawdust, redwood and fir. It’s laid out and it sits for six months which leaches out the tannins which naturally occur in the wood. That all leaches out, then there is green waste like grass and clippings from hedges and stuff that. It goes through a very rigorous quality control process where any contaminants with glass or trash are all rejected. That material is itself composted for six months while the wood products are being composted. After that six months they add the two together, it’s then turned, left alone, and the temperature is monitored, so the idea is to get it up to about 160 degrees in the middle. Once they see that 160 degrees, they turn it again, and then it’s going to sit for ANOTHER six months, so that’s the 18 month process that goes into making the compost.   After that it’s all screened out to take out the larger sticks or any stuff that’s not broken down. Then we are just left with the compost. Also it’s manure - free. Manure is known to carry a lot of pathogens, and it’s hard to get it the right temperature depending on the grass the dairy cows eat, so we just go manure free for our compost.

What else do you want people to know about your industry and your company?
Bulk is the focus of what we do - the knowledge of the bulk material and the logistics of getting it to you. ALSO we are able to create custom orders and customize our products to tailor-fit your needs, so if you don’t like the look of perlite in your garden, we can remove that, or if you want more peat, we can make it peatier,  and tailor it to what you want.

The bulk supply thing is kind of a popular fad right now and there’s a lot of companies doing it, but I truly believe that we are the one company that will work with you more than the others. Everyone on my staff understands the products, they know what’s in it, they know how it all works. The bulk at Hohstadt’s does not get lost in the shuffle with all the fertilizer in the store. It’s not just another item on the shelf, it’s what we do. It’s what we’re all about!