Our Soils

Basic Blend

     Mix of our two composts and 5/16 volcanic rock.  Great source of organic material.  Safe for seed starting, transplanting, and garden beds.

Landscape Blend


      Our Basic Blend plus colodial phosphate, oyster shell lime, gypsm, glacail rock dust, and greensand.  Our first mix with added bagged amendments. Safe for seeds and transplanting.  Great for veggis and all garden beds.

Gromo II


       Peat Moss, Perlite,  norwegian sea kelp, and steamed bonemeal are added to the Landscape blendto create this high-phos, short season mix.  Works great in pots and raised beds, with cuttings and seeds.

Private Reserve


      The Reserve blends have all the amendments in the Gromo II mix excpet for the peat moss and perlite.  Chicken manure, earthworm castings and K-mag (organic source of potasium), are added making this soil complete with all the essentials for a successful garden.  One of our best selling soils.

Private Reserve II


      Our high octane greenhouse soil.  All of the amendments in the Private Reserve as well as peat moss, perlite, high-phos sea bird guano, and Big Worm.  Big Worm is one of the highest quality worm castings on the market.  It is mixed with kelp and rock dust and has been a great upgrade to this popular greenhouse mix.

Amendment Blends

Garden Boost


      Our compost blend, bulk organic chicken manure, collodial phosphate, glacial rock dust, greensand, oystershell, gypsum.  Great for raised beds and pots as well as in the greenhouse.  Rich in nitrogen, phosphorus, and potasium, and trace minerals.  These mixes are too rich for direct planting.  Our amendment blends are designed to reinvigerate older garden beds.  Safely used at 2:1,  the boost family has long been appreciated by gardners accross the hills.

Private Boost


      Everything but the kitchen sink!  Fully loaded with all the amendments in Private II (excluding the peat and perlite) at 2.5 times the concentration.  This mix will get last years soil up to speed for the growing season.  Works excellent tilled in or as a top dress on fully established plants.

Bulk Materials

Organic Chicken Manure  


5/16" lava rock


1 1/2" lava rock (black)


Small Bark


Medium Bark


Walk-on Bark