FAQ's: Ask Kevin 2

Describe Hohstadt's delivery service.
Within Northern Mendocino and Humboldt we can deliver from 1 to 12 yards of material. For orders over 50 yards, for sites that can take transfer trucks, we can have 55 yards delivered up to an 8 hour drive from Ukiah. I have access to up to  five transfer trucks per day delivering material anywhere it needs to go. Plus we have two dump trucks, so I have access to 7 trucks in a day to facilitate delivery.

What else do you want people to know about your industry and your company?
Bulk is the focus of what we do - the knowledge of the bulk material and the logistics of getting it to you. ALSO we are able to create custom orders and customize our products to tailor-fit your needs, so if you don’t like the look of perlite in your garden, we can remove that, or if you want more peat, we can make it peatier,  and tailor it to what you want.

The bulk supply thing is kind of a popular fad right now and there’s a lot of companies doing it, but I truly believe that we are the one company that will work with you more than the others. Everyone on my staff understands the products, they know what’s in it, they know how it all works. The bulk at Hohstadt’s does not get lost in the shuffle with all the fertilizer in the store. It’s not just another item on the shelf, it’s what we do. It’s what we’re all about!