Frequently Asked Questions

How do I figure out how much soil I need?

     This is a question few people ask before digging out new garden space.  LxWxD/27 will give you the total number of yards it will take to fill a new raised bed or greenhouse.  To determine the amount of soil needed to fill pots, divide the number of total gallons by 7.  This will tell you the number of cubic feet you will need.  To convert into yards divide by 27.

What if I have really deep beds I want to fill?

     If you have garden beds that are over two feet deep we recommend lining the bottom third with straight organic compost or basic blend.  For most plants the vigorous feeding roots are closer to the surface, so it is not necessary to plant fully enriched soil below two feet.  This a generalization I know, however,  for most gardens this is true.  This is why we are glad to offer a variety of soils.  It will save you money and prevent wasted amendments being leached into the ground.

Is your soil hot?

     Yes our soil is warm to the touch.  The compost is brought to us in fifty to sixty yard batches.  While it is stored in large piles of this size the dry compost activates and produce heat.  This heat will subside once it is spread out into thinner layers and watered in.  It is important that the soil is watered in and allowed to cool before planting.  A good rule of thumb is if the soil is warm to the touch don't plant yet.

Do you deliver?

     Absolutely.  Hohstadts is the original garden supply delivery business.  We have a 4wd dump truck which hauls up to seven yards of bulk material or three pallets of bagged soils and amendments.  Call 986-7676 for delivery rates